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Remember September

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Autumn was officially welcomed in the other day with rain and a chill in the air, making September the beginning of my favorite time of year.
This time of year--stretching from late September to late December--has always been a favorite of mine. Between football, the baseball playoffs, the start of basketball and eventually the Christmas season, I have always enjoyed the changing of the guard from hot and sweaty to cool and collected.
From rainy mornings to sweaters and scarves. And from hot tea to the first snow fall, I often feel most at peace in these months.
It's also a time when I feel rejuvenated. Normally, for a lot of people, that feeling comes along with the emergence of spring. Not for me.
Which means it's time for an update. (Been awhile, considering my last few posts here have been related to the sports world.)
In regards to the writing world, much of my time as been devoted to the sports world. My workload--or at least att…

NFL Referees Fail Cam Newton, Fans

If the NFL is serious about the safety of players and finding ways to limit concussions, the referees in last night's Denver Broncos/Carolina Panthers game had a funny way of showing it.
Instead of talking about what a great rematch of the Super Bowl these two teams put on, much of the focus was placed on the amount of hits Cam Newton took to the helmet last night.
And rightfully so.
There were at least three occasions during the course of the game in which Newton was on the receiving end of helmet-to-helmet hits. 
These hits were not of the "blink and you miss it" variety of hits. They were in the course of game action, delivered to Newton after a throw or in the midst of being tackled.
The Broncos were flagged for this infraction once.
For a league that is looking to protect its players, especially quarterbacks, these calls were not simply "mistakes" or "errors" by the referees. And to right it off as such is simply another loosening thread o…

Wild weekend ushers in 2016 college football season

Now that college football is officially back (no disrespect to the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors and California Bears playing in Australia), there is one thing we can say for certain: Joe Tessitore really likes saying the phrase "18-Wheeler Package".
If Sunday night's game, a 50-47 double overtime victory by Texas over Notre Dame, is to be any indication, the 2016 edition of college football is going to be a wild ride.
Three teams in the Amway Coaches Poll top-ten lost. Another needed overtime. And a few put up the requisite 50 plus points expected of them.
All in week one.
The Houston Cougars, current belle of the ball and Big 12 hopeful, took their first step towards an undefeated season and possible playoff berth. They used a 109-yard return after a missed Oklahoma field goal, helping them defeat the third-ranked Sooners, 33-23.

The Wisconsin Badgers, meanwhile, unranked and rebuilding, used a stifling defense and some timely offense to defeat the sixth-ranked LSU Tigers 1…