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Curling Tryouts...


Date: February 27, 2010
Time: TBD

It's awesome! Join today and get a free ice broom!
That's right, folks, it's the sensation that's sweeping the nation. It's the sport to end all sports. If you haven't guessed by the name of this blog, I'm talking about curling. And I'm looking to put together a super team that will take out those pesky Canadians. I am not looking for a team that will simply be "glad to be there". I want a team that is all business and goes for the kill, much like Shani Davis in speed skating. Curling is a very serious sport and I will need your utmost attention to training. The training will be 12 months a year, so if you can't be committed to Team USA, don't bother showing up. Curling is life.
To begin with, let me start out with what I do have for my team. I have already purchased some cool looking pants that we will all wear. Norway has already created their pants in honor of John Daly, the …

Long Toss

Spring is in the air. You can almost reach out and touch it. Though it's still a month away, the early rumblings of spring are already creeping into the atmosphere. Unless you're on the east coast, that is. If that's the case, sorry about all of the snow. The fifty degree weather in Boise is quite nice, thank you very much.

The warming of the weather can only mean one thing: Spring Training is upon us. Pitchers and Catchers have been trickling into training camps, with the rookies and veterans close behind. Florida and Arizona are filling with baseball players and soon enough, the fans that rally behind their teams. A renewal of hope is in the air and all teams harbor dreams of hoisting that World Series trophy come October. And of course, my beloved Boston Red Sox are among them.

I am followed the Red Sox since their cursed year of 1986. The 1986 World Series is one of my earliest memories of watching baseball on television. I sat there in pain as that ball …

Aah, February...

It's Presidents' Day. That means only one thing. There is a "V" marathon on the SciFi channel. Oh wait, I forgot to be hip and correctly spell the name of the channel. It's SyFy now. I've got to learn to get that straight.

For the record, so there is no more confusion, I'm talking about the original "V" that aired in the early 80's. While the acting in this movie leaves a lot to be desired, the story line isn't actually too bad, though I think the special effects are bad, even for their time. Of course, I was only five or six at the time it originally aired, so I can't really complain. It was good back then and it's even more awesome now. Plus, it stars the Beastmaster himself, Mr. Marc Singer.

I've been silent the last two weeks, but that was mostly to revel in my prediction of of the Saints beating the Colts in the Super Bowl. (OH! When the Saints..., 01/27/10) Now, if only I can use my superpowers to win big at…

A little something, something...

I'm going to take a little trip down memory lane. The year was 1999. Or possibly 2000. The exact year is not important, though, so I will not dwell on it. I had just seen a play at the Stagecoach Theatre in Boise, Id. Somewhere, in this play, appeared Ty Cobb. And it was greatly mentioned that he kept with him a "son of a bitch" list. Like many players in his time, Cobb could cuss up a storm. Except in his case, he probably meant this list to be true.

So, in my small time genius thinking, I decided that I too would have a "Son of a Bitch" list. Mine was harvested from personal feelings and occurrences in my life. It was developed shortly after this play and added on for a few years after it. Here, now, I release the original "Son of a Bitch" list. (In no particular order)

1. The New York Yankees
2. Regal Entertainment Group (Which ironically I would work for four years)
3. Mr. Wendy (The Wendy's Spokesman)
4. Paul McGee and Scott Huntsm…

February Update

Happy Groundhog's Day Eve everyone! I'm currently preparing for the event with a cup of tea and some Regina Spektor. That's the only proper way to celebrate the coming of the animal that has predicted the end of winter for ages. Of course, it seems odd that a mayor has to pull the ground hog out of its home and lift it up to the sky to see if it sees its shadow. I mean, couldn't the end of winter just be judged on if the sun is out on February 2nd or not? It would seem a lot simpler than going through the hassle of dressing up a man in funny clothes and then holding a small animal named Phil. The weather man could do all of this on any day of the week.
As I carefully prepare myself for Groundhog Day and the season premiere of LOST tomorrow night, I decided to take a few moments and write down an update of my life over the past month. The first month of the year has already flown by so let's get started.
The fantasy novel has about 90 pages of editing left. …