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Counting down the days until Nevada Day

Nevada Day is fast approaching. Have you picked out your costume yet?
Autumn is here. Leaves are doing their annual impressions of a chameleon, before dropping from the trees and collecting in piles on the ground. This is one of the many signals we are creeping ever closer to an important fall holiday: Nevada Day.
Nevada entered into an union with the United States on October 31, 1864. Since then, the day is marked nationwide by a celebration of candy, costumes, and general shenanigans and debauchery.
Each year, on October 31, millions of Americans--kids and adults alike--throw on a costume to celebrate this amazing day. Children even go door-to-door in their costumes, soliciting chocolate and licorice to honor the state of Nevada.
Adults have re-inserted themselves into the fun over the past ten years. Many have decided to partake in the celebration of Nevada by dressing the skimpiest costume they can find. These costumes are aptly titled "Sexy Pirate", "Sexy Cop"…

A flag less ordinary: respect, honor, and protesting

Another Sunday morning and another day in which the Tweeter-in-chief continues to spend more time on social media creating a divide rather than bridging it. In the cozy offices of--let's be honest, probably the room of his vacation estate--the 45th president of the United States tweets at will. There is no regard for others, no intelligent musings, no thought of others ravaged in Puerto Rico by back-to-back hurricanes, and he tweets with very much a blatant racist overtone.
There is no need to share these tweets here. The focus lately has been on athletes, primarily those from the NFL who continually to PEACEFULLY protest during the national anthem by taking a knee. 
Why? Because inequality and racism are still very present in the year 2017. And it's being fueled by the man who sits in the highest seat of power in the United States.
A country's flag is supposed to be representative of the people within in it. If groups of people do not feel represented--or put down by oth…

Switching 'The Journey of Now' newsletter to email format

Where you one of the tens of people asking where The Journey of Now's newsletter went?
Don't worry. Relax. I have an answer for you.
Normally, once I've written a blog post or updated my web site, I post a link to various social media outlets. In the past, this was a good way to spread updates on my writing career, updates in the theater world, or simply newsletters on this blog.
I've found--as of late--many of these posts are getting missed due to various algorithm changes or simply the amount of stuff populating social media feeds.
So, in an experiment I will be officially launching next week, I've decided to try my hand at an email newsletter (to be sent out every four weeks or so).
I detailed this over at the Jason Haskins website last month but figured I'd give a shout out on my blog as well.
The email newsletter will serve as a way to not only provide updates on what's going on in my world, but to also share the collection of blog posts I've writ…

USMNT drops qualifier thanks to sloppy play of back four

The momentum the United States Men's Soccer Team accumulated over the past nine months ran into wall in dropping their World Cup qualifier to Costa Rica. One of these days, the USMNT will step onto the pitch in a big game and play to win instead of simply playing not to lose.
For the first 20 minutes in Friday's World Cup qualifier, it looked like the team was ready to do that very thing. A good showing here would make the 4-0 shellacking the absorbed from Costa Rica in November a long forgotten nightmare.
The team was attacking, making some pretty great runs while overcoming a few sloppy passes from their back four. There was a fluidity to their passing, something I'd seen very little of from the United States over the years. 
They looked like a real team. A team that had been unbeaten in 14 matches since the return of head coach Bruce Arena.
Then, one bad formation--and a questionably placed kick from Tim Howard--later, the bottom fell out. The USMNT allowed a goal and …