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The Circumstances of Arrival

Devoid of color, a wash of gray. 
A single human sporting layer upon layer of clothes. Pacing.
Desolate remnants of a full life.

"Oh. Hi there. Didn't see you arrive. Have a seat. There's the rocking chair. Yes. The boulder will do.
Can I get you something to drink? To eat? I have Xanax as well. I think it's Xanax. Seems to do the trick on lonely nights.
What's that? You can't stay? Sorry to hear that. Was looking forward to some company. What can I do you for?
You want to hear it? Let me take a look at you... Hmm... Yes. You look young enough. Probably don't remember a lot, do you?
Sorry. It's a reflex. Be warned.
The broad details you've heard, I'm sure. Word of mouth likes to spread the deeds and the misgivings. It's like wildfire.  Really it's how it all begin anyhow. Hatred. The approval of hatred. There was a sense of entitlement by people of power, a desire to divide and to lie, subsequently stoking these wildfires.
Oh. Su…

Movies of 1997, part three: Blockbusters, duds, and more

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Films released in 1997--and later nominated for Academy Awards in 1998--rightfully have a foothold on their place in history. The same can be said for certain blockbusters from the same year not named Titanic. When I started this little project, my main goal was to discuss the 1998 Academy Awards and what great movies were represented that year. I had no idea it would unleash a three-part series, mostly because there were so many good films released in 1997 I'd simply forgotten about over time. The movie about a disaster at sea can cause these things to happen.
In all actuality, during those the last three years of the 90's, I was consuming movies and films at a rapid pace. Between living at home the year after high school and not really knowing anyone in my semesters at Boise State, a lot of my time was spent watching movies from not only 1997 but further back as well.
I do believe the films of 1997--classics, blockbusters, and duds alike--all hav…

Movies of 1997, Academy Awards of '98: Part two

Films from 1997--especially many going onto the 1998 Academy Awards--have stood the test of time and continue to entertain people 20 years later. Last week we began a journey in exploring a few favorite films released in 1997. Narrowing the scope, we focused on the nominees for best picture at the 1998 Academy Awards. (Sans The Full Monty, substituted here by Boogie Nights.)
These films might have dominated the evening in any other year. Going up against a love story set against the backdrop of a sinking ship, it seems other films did not stand a chance.
Except they did when it came to acting statuettes, leaving Titanic to take home 11 Oscars but none for their actors.
Instead, actresses from the two other films we're looking at, L.A. Confidential and As Good as It Gets, went home with an Oscar on Academy Award night 1998. God himself could not sink this ship After all of these years, it is still Billy Zane who steals the show in Titanic. Setting aside he i…