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Christmas 2015

As I sit here watching The Santa Clause for the 47th time, I decided it was time to finally write this Christmas letter I promised in the last blog post.
You may ask why I'm watching this movie yet again and the answer is simple: I have a soft spot in my heart for Christmas movies. That's why I've watched part of most of the "follow-the-same-formula" Christmas movies that the Hallmark Channel produces. That's why I even watched the Doogie Howser, M.D.Christmas episode on Hulu. Or why I even wrote a list of my favorite Christmas episodes from 90's television. And it's even why I watched this classic recently:

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Watching Christmas films is all part of my Christmas tradition, as I'm sure it is many of yours. No matter how many times I've seen a film, I always attempt to watch it again every Christmas. Sometimes I fail, yes, but I always make sure to watch Love Actually (for the hopeless romantic in me), Bad Santa (for t…

Elfin' Around

Greetings. I'm not sure why I gave this post that title, but I did. Deal with it.

Been writing on this blog a bit less because I've been getting some articles posted around the web. I do plan on getting back to posting here at the minimum of at least once a week. I've come this far no need to give up on it now.

For an example, here are a few places I've been published. As you can see, it is content similar to posts you'd find right here. Stay tuned in the coming week for my annual "State of Christmas and Jason" address.

Here are five of my favorite Christmas themed episodes from 90's television.

And here are ten of my favorite indie films that can be found on Netflix.

Until next time, friends.