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From Negan with Love

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*The following contains Spoilers from the season 7 premiere of "The Walking Dead"
"Pissing our pants yet? Boy, do I have a feeling we're getting close."- Negan, The Walking Dead

And people thought Ramsay Bolton was sadistic.

The much anticipated season seven premiere of The Walking Dead hit the airwaves last Sunday. Boy, was it a doozy.
I am not going to spend much time on what side of the liked/didn't like it/I'm never watching again spectrum I fall in. I will say that I was enraptured, on the edge of my seat for nearly the entire one hour, six minutes (including commercials) of the episode. This was an episode that filled me with a sense of existential dread for the characters inhabiting The Walking Dead world. It is a feeling that is still with me nearly two days later.
As a disclaimer, I am only through the first ten volumes of the graphic novels. I have yet to reach the Negan arc. I am also on the side of the court that didn't m…

The Last of Laughter

I have been holed up in my house for the past four days. There is nothing left I can do, at least for now. The events have gone in different directions, the parties have all been canceled. In fact, the only reason my phone rings these days is for people to say, "Sorry. We just can't have you coming by. Maybe next year."
The emails I receive are even worse. "You sad, sad man." And "Why can't you leave us alone, freak." Or my favorite, "Stay out of our town and go back to your camp by the lake."
Mornings have started out like this for the past few weeks. I am once again lost in thought, my bowl of cereal idling by in soggy oblivion. I stare at the start-up screen of my laptop, spoon loosely gripped in my right hand. The point has arrived in which I don't want to get online. I'm scared to see what the next headline will be. What monstrosity will they dream up next? What prank will the people of the world perpetuate now?
Two deep br…