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A Movie!!!

Hey all, I'm taking a minute here to step away from my daily writing routine to talk about an opportunity for you and your friends. And no, I'm not talking about AMWAY...

My buddy Trevor is producing a film this summer. At the moment, he is currently looking to raise a little extra money to produce the film and that's where you, avid reader, come in. Just simply follow the link below and watch the trailer to decide for yourself. Trevor is a very talented filmmaker who grew up in the Boise area and any help would be much appreciated. (Sorry, there is currently a direct linking problem that I can't fix. The website is still good, though, so you'll have to go the old fashioned way.)

You can also check out the movie's website at:

Thank you all in advance. I'll see all on my next blog, in which I will figure out most of the world's problems. As for now, it's Spring Break!


A few thoughts...

"Some parents in California may be happy to kiss Ronald and his Happy Meals goodbye for good. A Washington-based advocacy group said McDonald's baits, exploits, and harms children by offering toys with its kid's meals, according to a lawsuit filed in the state courthouse in San Francisco last year. The Center for Science in the Public Interest sought class-action status on behalf of all of the state's children under 8 years of age who have seen Happy Meal marketing since December 2006."

This was taken from a report on the Yahoo Finance page that was exploring why Ronald McDonald is slowly disappearing from ad campaigns...The preceding paragraph talked about the healthy options available at McDonalds now and how unhealthy the happy meals used to be.

Why I certainly commend McDonalds for turning over a healthier leaf, are you kidding me about the lawsuits? Last I checked, it wasn't the eight year old kids driving themselves to McDonalds. It wasn't the chi…