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WWE: Becky Lynch runs the world

It's hard to argue that there has been any wrestler in the WWE more "over" than Becky Lynch these past couple of months. The WWE Survivor Series is set for November 18 and this past week the company forced to cancel one rearrange one of its marquee matches.
Though I imagine Becky Lynch would have wrestled with casts on all four limbs if given the opportunity.
Lynch was scheduled to square off with Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series in a match that was rumored to be the main event of the pay-per-view. A few weeks of back-and-forth on Twitter and taped segments on Raw and Smackdown culminated in Lynch leading an invasion of Raw -- with other Smackdown women superstars -- last Monday night.
The invasion was (mostly) as success, with Lynch gaining even more steam, spitting more fire, and skyrocketing even further into the upper stratosphere of popularity.
Unfortunately, a real injury suffered by Lynch in the invasion meant the match for Survivor Series had to be put on hold.


The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln's "exit"

*Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers from Season 9, episode 5 of AMC's 'The Walking Dead'. Read ahead at your own peril. "I found them."
Three words, simple in nature but utterly profound when said in context of the events of the November 4 episode of The Walking Dead.
This bit of dialogue had the chance to go into the pantheon of greatest television exits. It was up there, to me, with the closing lines of Justified. "We dug coal together."
The words "I found them" were spoken by Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, the central character of The Walking Dead for the past nine seasons. He said the words just before blowing up the valued bridge he'd worked so hard to preserve. The act was a final good-bye in realizing he'd been with his family -- comprised of apocalypse survivors -- the entire time.
End scene.  Good-bye, Rick.
Turns out there was to be two more scenes after this act, with an immediate aftermath negating one of…