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A void where the sports world used to be

Sports, and the leagues and athletes we watch and follow, can be an altogether rewarding and heartbreaking experience. It's a void in entertainment not easily filled. Trace the path of memories, finding the hazy shadow of an image that lingers. Pinpoint that moment when sports entered your life.
Three memories sink their claws in, each forever etched in the soul. There is the tender age of four, grasping a basketball, dad feet away, whistle planted between lips while the high school players run sprints.
A second is years later, a post t-ball game celebration where gumballs are handed out, tiny words corresponding with the best hit collected during the game. It's the first time the yellow gumball with the phrase "home run" landed in tiny, dirty hands.
A third is ripe with disappointment. The 1986 World Series, in which a simple ground ball bouncing through legs whipped up tears in a matter of seconds, not yet realizing there was still one game left to bring even gran…