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A Christmas Greeting

The Eve of Christmas will always have a special place in my heart.

Christmas Eve mass, the chili dinner, the anticipation of tearing into those gifts that were sitting under the freshly cut pine tree. The sleepless nights awaiting Santa's arrival.

Philip Rivers waving good-bye to the Broncos, the makeshift Christmas with the never ending ham, and a night of excitement in a North Hollywood bar.

These are only a few among many.

Today, that childhood wonderment and excitement is as ever present as it was when I was eight years old.

No particular reason, mind you. Perhaps it is an eternal optimism that I will always carry with me.

This is not only the season of miracles, but a season to spread joy, kindness, and love.

We may do that with gifts. We may do that with donations. We may do that with a simple phone call.

Tell a loved one how you feel. Say hi to a stranger. Buy a beer for a friend.

This year has been a year of peaks and valley. I have enjoyed the peaks and embraced the valle…

Cloudy Heart

A Gem Among the Rest

Christmas, as it has been for years, comes and goes quickly, often without a thought to Christmas movies and television specials of years past. We have classics, like Rudolph, Frosty, Charlie Brown's Christmas, A Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life, and Home Alone. These are shown annually and, with the invention of DVR, are hard not to miss.
Let's take a moment to look at one of the lost Christmas specials. It was a very special episode in season two of a television show that ran from 1986-1990. The show centers around this:

That's right. It's that loveable creature Alf!
If you don't remember Alf, IMDB describes the show as "A furry alien wiseguy comes to live with a terran family after crashing into their garage."
Alf was certainly a wiseguy. And he loved cats. He loved to eat cats and I believe almost every episode had a joke centered around Alf trying to eat the family's cat, or cook the cat. The Christmas episode even starts with Alf sing…

Cat vs. Christmas

Dear owner:

You have finished decorating for Christmas. The stockings are hung, the tree is lit, and tinsel is hanging everywhere. You are jovial, ecstatic, and in the Holiday mood.

Let me do the same. I try to sit under the tree and you yell at me.

I bat at the low hanging ornaments. Guess what, you yell at me. If you don't want me to play with the ornaments, don't hang them so low.

I chew on the tinsel. More yelling.

You have taken away my normal spots of exploring with Nutcrackers, Sno-globes, and other various collectibles and Christmas crap. Why do you torture me?

You wonder why I sleep even more this time of year.

You have taken away all my fun. Even the catnip laced toy you give me on Christmas morning won't win me over. My joy is not reliant upon catnip and you laughing at me while I roll around in the leftover Christmas wrapping. I am not your puppet.

I am your pet.

So have your eggnog and your yuletide and your Christmas trees. I'm just going to sleep here…

Good tidings...and Cheer

It's officially December. The holiday season is upon us and that means only one thing:

photo courtesy of Wikipedia
That's right! It's time for that Ben Affleck classic Surviving Christmas. What happens when a man without a family returns to his childhood home and buys a family for Christmas? Hilarity ensues, that's what! With appearances by James Gandolfini, Christina Applegate, and Catherine O'Hara, how can one go wrong in viewing this movie?
Okay, it's not the greatest Christmas movie of all time. I contend that the first 50 minutes of this movie are perfection. A downhill slide continues for the next 40 minutes, but I still search it out every year.
Now that I've got that piece of business out of the way, time for some updates.
November was National Writing month. At least for the people at NaNoWriMo it was. The goal being that you write every day for the month of November in the ultimate goal of completing a 50,000 word novel. Or the makings of a novel. …