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Going old school in a new era

Confession time.
I am a 38-year old curmudgeon.
I'm not speaking about everything in life. There have been the occasional old man rants over the years. Clickbait headlines will always annoy me. And don't get me started about keeping people off my lawn.
And today, I'm going to add sports to the list.
Am I shaking my fist at the television (or internet), complaining about the lack of respect these kids have today for the game? No. If anything--thanks to the rise of the internet--there might be more respect for the history of the game than there ever was.
Will I stand on a soapbox and tell you how today's players in various leagues aren't as good or as tough as the players of yesteryear? No. Generations produce different aspects of greatness, with things like safety coming into play. (Though I will say there is a certain league that has done a fair amount to eliminate fun from their games. Different story, different time.)
Sports are ingrained in me. I will take watc…

Local dad to children: Love is not a secret ingredient

Landing as the second-favorite parent in his family for all these years finally took its toll on local dad Ray Hansen.
Fed up with second-tier adoration, Mr. Hansen revealed to his children a family secret he'd been harboring for years: their mother's cooking did not in fact include the secret ingredient of love.
"Love is not something you can mix in with flour and milk," Mr. Hansen told his two teenage kids. "Your mother loves you--just as I do--but never once has she put love into your cookies. And her meatloaf? Ground beef and onions are included, but there is no love. Love cannot be measured in a tablespoon or a quart."
Questioned as to why he chose Father's Day to deliver this stunning revelation to his kids, Mr. Hansen defiantly replied, "To be quite honest, I was tired of my kids believing I didn't love them as much just because I didn't cook.  Yeah, I barbeque from time to time, but am I going to say, 'Kid, these hot dogs are m…

The Cleveland Cavs: Dreaming the impossible dream

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The Cleveland Cavaliers certainly like to make things interesting as far as the NBA Finals are concerned.
The 2017 iteration is trying to outdo the 2016 championship team by trying to come back from a 3-0 deficit to win the title.
In 2016, the Cavs shockingly came back from a 3 games to 1 deficit to take down a Golden State Warriors team which had won a regular-season record 73 games.
To even get one victory in this series, it has taken a herculean effort by LeBron James and a record-setting 24 made three-pointers in game four victory to get the Cavs even this far. 
James--in 2016--had quite the Finals, finishing with averages of 29.7 points, 11.3 rebounds and 8.9 assists. In 2017, he is doing his best to outperform those averages, despite essentially having the same makeup of players supporting him.
To wit, his 2017 stats (thru four games): 31.8 ppg. 11.8 rpg. 10.5 ppg.
The man--hated or loved--will go down as one of the greatest of all-t…

June newsletter: Volume 1, Issue 2

Growing up in a pre-cable television society, television watching in the summer revolved around a collection of shows.When I wasn't outside playing Wiffle ball--creating fantasy leagues in my head and ultimately knocking the game winning home run out of the park--I could be found in front of the television.
This wasn't a day long thing, as I was also responsible for building forts on my family's property and collecting ants and placing them in jars to study their tunnel making ways. But when I did find myself in front of the television, my eyes belonged to The Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, and the original Batman.
These were the syndicated shows of my childhood heyday, to which my Sundays to this day usually involve The Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, and Saved by the Bell on in the background on MeTV as I go about my Sunday chores.
Batman had taken a back seat over the years, but I still indulged myself in the occasional Saturday night viewing on the above menti…

A sneak peek at 'The Dragon Princess'

The NBA Finals? The United States Men's Soccer team? Ol' 45 continuing to ruin progress of this nation?

Presenting myself with a multitude of options to talk about this week, I decided to go the easy, self-promotional route, finally settling on an excerpt from THE DRAGON PRINCESS.

Nearly three years ago, I published my first fantasy novel via Kindle Direct Publishing. Coming up on nearly finishing the first draft of its follow up THE BLUE GEM, I decided to do this gentle reminder: THE DRAGON PRINCESS is still available to purchase and download for only 99 cents here.

(And along the pandering lines, if you feel like leaving a review on Amazon or my profile on Goodreads--good or bad, anonymous or not--please do. Both criticisms or affirmations help me grow as a writer. Appreciate it.)

The plate of food was shoved into the cell and the sound of scampering feet dissipated. Princess Riyana of Thurston waited until the door at the far end of the hall closed before emerging from the sha…