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Futbol Rules the World.

What's that Jason? You're here to talk about the World Cup of Soccer? (Yes, I'm American, so Soccer gets the nod in the blog. The title fooled you, didn't it?) Of course I am!

Here's what happened after the first weekend of the 2010 FIFA World Cup:

1.) There was a lot of passing of the soccer ball
2.) Of course, there were some ties.
3.) I'm pretty sure Germany set sort of record by scoring four goals. In one game!
4.) England's goalkeeper cannot possibly return to England.
5.) There was some more passing of the ball. This time from fullback to goalie.
6.) The Socceroos allowed four goals to Germany. In one game!

That's right, folks, soccer action is here to stay. It's not going anywhere. David Beckham is bound to rule this cup. (What? He's injured? Go figure.) Well, in that case, Freddy Adu must be starring for the U.S. team by now. I remember reading that he was the next Pele. That's when Adu was fourteen and featured …

NBA Action: It's...yawn

[WARNING: The following will certainly come across as an angry old man blog. Just imagine Clint Eastwood yelling at the kids to get off his lawn in "Gran Torino". That's how I am during these NBA finals, yelling at the t.v.]
It's 7:07 MST and the ball is tipped. Derek Fisher controls the tip and dribbles down the court. He passes to Kobe Bryant. Bryant drives, shoots, misses, and the whistle blows. 10 seconds into the game and we have our first whistle.
Okay, maybe it wasn't ten seconds into the game, but it's been very rare through these first four and half games that a minute hasn't gone by without the whistle being blown for a foul. Most likely, the call has gone against the Celtics; or at the very least, Ron Artest. It has gotten to the point where I can't even enjoy the game because every other time down the floor, one of the teams is whistled for a foul. The game is not fun when each of the teams has at least two of its starters on th…


Pushing two months now since I last posted. Not due to lack of creativity, mind you. I am currently on the cusp of finishing my first full length play since 2002. Sure, I've re-written "Poison" (my first full length) a few times, but this work is of a completely new nature. It is called "Solace" and it is my hope to have the first draft completed shortly and have a reading by the end of the month.

I felt an update was in order...I will return with regularly scheduled blogs in no time at all. There is plenty of fodder sitting out there just waiting to be commented on by the voice in Idaho. That voice is me. That fodder is "Jersey Shore". Discuss...