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The NBA Conspiracy

The bat phone. If any of you are fans, or have even seen, the original Batman series from the 60's starring Adam West, you will most certainly remember the Bat Phone. It was a red colored phone that, I believe, was not only at the bat cave, but one also sat in Commissioner Gordon's office. Commissioner Gordon would use this phone to contact Batman when the city of Gotham was in trouble. Or vice versa if Batman had happened to solve the puzzle and want to warn Gordon ahead of time.
What does all of this have to do with the NBA and conspiracies? I'm glad you asked and the answer is simple: Commissioner David Stern of the NBA has his very own Bat Phone that he uses to help control outcomes of games.
The theory all started about twelve years ago. And it's roots are traced back to the L.A. Lakers. The Lakers had some classic battles with the Sacramento Kings, yet the Kings were never quite able to get out of the Conference Finals. This was a good Kings team. They …