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A Hug, A Smile, A Coke

Mad Men said good-bye on Sunday night.

I will not spend time delivering an all-out think piece on the subject. That has been tackled plenty here, here, and here.

Many of my thoughts on the finale, and a series as a whole, has been said in those links. Well, bits and pieces from each one, that is.

I thought the episode was everything I expected and more. Before the episode began, I desperately wanted my prediction of Don Draper (Jon Hamm) returning home to his family, leaving us with a final shot of him looking at his kids and smiling, to come true, it was clear pretty early in the episode that it wasn't going to happen that way. And I'm glad the episode took the route it did.

Over the years, we have seen Don bottom out and find a new solace in life (i.e. swimming, writing in a journal, sobriety, a family man), only to fall further into the abyss than the time before. This final season put him through the wringer one final time. There was a finality in people pulling away from …

Mad Men Finale Predictions

Get ready to say good-bye to Don Draper for the final time. At least in non-rerun form.

The series finale of Mad Men is set to air on Sunday, May 17th.  Created by Matthew Weiner, Mad Men has taken viewers on a fantastical, deprecating, misogynistic, touching, and sometimes downright depressing journey through the 1960's. The main story follows Draper (Jon Hamm) and his rise and fall through the advertising world, among other things.  This highly crafted and intelligently written series was a critical darling throughout its run and helped turn AMC into a premier network.

As with most well regarded television shows, much speculation has been tossed around as to how this show will end. Will Draper find his peace? Is he the man falling from the building in the much talked about opening credits?

In preparation, I have decided to toss my hat into the ring with my own predictions. I did this with Lost finale and figured I'd visit the prediction well again.  Let's see if I can do…

May the Ninth be with You

The sun is out. The weather is warming up. The outdoor world beckons. The enticement of being outside often gets in the way of writing. That's where being close to a river helps out a lot. I'm only a short walk a way from combining writing and being outside. It's a win-win situation.

Welcome to the updates, May edition.

I finally took the time to create my own website. Here, I hope to house links to all of my published works and also short descriptions of other works I've written. I will still be posting the occasional updates within this blog but for the most part updates related to published works, produced plays, etc. will announced via the website. There will also be hopefully a "News" section up and running soon. All depends on when I decide to sit down and do that portion.

Alley Repertory theater, the theater I am resident playwright for, will be having a play reading series this summer. Plays from the Alley focuses on the works of Idaho playwrights or …