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I Wasted my Saturday Morning. The Reason Will SHOCK You!

You ready for this?
You think you can handle this?
Saturday mornings, like many of my mornings, are spent on the internet. I check emails, I check playwright opportunities, I check up on news from the sports world, and I look for other writing opportunities.
Today, I clicked on a headline I knew I would ultimately regret. "30 Awkward Child Stars Turned Insanely Hot" (Click on the link at your own risk. I'd advise against it. I simply put it here for source material.)
I was intrigued. I like to look at awkward photos from our youth. The same photos are present in all of our lives. This might be fun.
Don't get me wrong, part of me knew what clicking this link would entail. As with many Buzzfeed or Huffington Post articles with similar headlines, I knew ultimately clicking this link would provide a letdown of sorts. I knew what I was getting into yet my mouse rolled over the headline and clicked.
I clicked because the photos they used made no sense. They used a pictur…

Saturday Means One Thing: A New Movie Premieres on Lifetime

Saturday. The perfect time to go to the Farmers Market. Maybe have a late morning cup of coffee on the porch. Have a picnic. If you're in Idaho, take a trip to the Western Idaho Fair. Perhaps meet up with friends for a drink. Or, if you select the smart option, you can settle in for a night of t.v. and watch Lifetime's The Unauthorized Full House Story.
That's right. After the success of The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, Lifetime is bringing us a behind-the-scenes look at another television staple from the 1990's. This promises to be a television event that can finally bring closure to all the questions posed to us over the years. Questions like: Why did Bob Saget settle into this family sitcom after such a racy stand-up comedy career? Did Dave Coulier really piss off Alanis Morissette that badly in which she had to write songs about him? Should members of the Beach Boys been given "Special Guest Star" status on every episode, much like Heather Lockl…

The Dog Days of Summer

Chances are, I've already titled a previous blog post this very same title. I did not bother to look. Too many blog posts, too many years, not enough time...

I figured I'd drop a quick update here on my blog rather than my website. That's right, I have a website. Technically two websites, if you count this one. Does that mean I've made it to the big time? Nope. I'm just a man with a goal. (Not all updates may be covered in this forum. Please refer to website for previous updates.)

The summer has been a productive one, though personal successes have seen little progress (at least monetarily. Though I don't necessarily write with the goal of making a butt load of money, I do aim to make money from writing because it's my career.)

A new ten-minute play, The E-6 Debacle, was given a reading at HomeGrown Theatre this summer. It was part of a ten-minute play festival that included five other ten-minute plays. I have submitted this play to a few other places since…